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West Island: Part II Brisbane to Girraween

We could have flown, bused or railed to Sydney but decided to take a few days, spending each night in a different National Park. I’d also decided that I didn’t want to travel the main roads. On Google Earth it … Continue reading

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The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, Armistice WWI.  Today is the Centenary and I missed it! It had slipped my notice until the commemoration events hit today’s news, taking top spot in all the reporting.  … Continue reading

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West Island: Part I – avoiding Brisbane

West Island When I worked in National Parks I’d often meet tourists who expressed surprise at how hard it is to get here, they (usually USAmericans) had this idea that NZ was a small island just off the coast of … Continue reading

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One of the things we Treecroppers are known for is struggling with marginal crops.  For me, number one has to be figs.  We have a few varieties strategically planted with a wall to their south to try and make that … Continue reading

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Farm Foresters in the hills of Cheviot

Mendip Hills Thursday last week, North Canterbury Farm Forestry visited Mendip Hills. We looked at a harvested site, some young cypress and Douglas fir and got blown off a highpoint (the planned lunch venue), by a wet and icy wind. … Continue reading

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First proper post in a long time

Sometimes I get to do hard graft in interesting places.  A recent overnight stay on the coast south of Kaikoura was brought about by a seek and destroy mission for Old Man’s Beard (OMB), Clematis vitalba, and Banana Passionfruit.  It … Continue reading

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On Hay fever

Suffer from hay-fever? Looking to reduce the chemicals in your life? Phil Garnock-Jones a retired professional botanist, based in Wellington recently posted on how he avoids using anti-histamines, on his mostly botanical blog “Theobrominated”.  As he repeatedly says ‘this is … Continue reading

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Historic Fairview Homestead For Sale: SOLD

SOLD Looking for outdoor living space? Got a bunch of kids with no where to play? Into horses?  Fairview might just be the answer. I’ve been helping get the trees under control on friends’ 3 acre section as their interests … Continue reading

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Flax cultivars for weaving

This coming Friday 18th August, the Canterbury Botanical Society will be having a guided tour of the Rene Orchiston, living harakeke collection at Landcare Research, Lincoln. Meet outside the main reception, 54 Gerald St, by 1.25pm.  Parking is limited, so … Continue reading

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Honesty Box

Facing the back of the Old Canterbury University West of this Y yet East of this Y is what must be the smallest public

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