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Honesty Box

Facing the back of the Old Canterbury University West of this Y yet East of this Y is what must be the smallest public Advertisements

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Cultural Shift

We must have been having terrible weather lately because I received a couple of emails (even one from Oz) asking how we’d fared with the storms that have hit Canterbury recently. Well thanks for asking We’re fine We had a … Continue reading

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a walk in the park

Cautionary note to readers – this post is not compatible with mealtimes A few weeks ago I’d taken my mother to Christchurch Hospital for an appointment.  I’d no sooner got her settled back in the rest home when I got … Continue reading

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Southern Lights

While I was cobbling together my last post, oblivious to events in the real world, Christian aka ‘The BFG’ was out on the Port Hills near Gebbies Pass taking ‘not very good’ photographs of the Aurora australis.  In response to that last post of mine he sent one of his worst photos.  I am of […]

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Christchurch Revisited II

The latest Hanmer, Kaikoura, Seddon, Wellington quakes have shifted focus off Christchurch but it is still far from business as usual. Back near the shortest day (late June) I had another day wandering the streets of Christchurch, essentially a year … Continue reading

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From the Uttermost ends of the Earth

Tomorrow, 25 April 2016, marks 100 years since the first ANZAC commemoration, 101 years since the brief, bloody and ultimately futile war for control of the Dardanelles was kicked off by British and Australian Troops landing on the Gallipoli Peninsula.  … Continue reading

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Christchurch revisited

A month or so back I went to a lunch meeting at the Lemon Tree Cafe, in Christchurch only to find I was the only one there.  So instead I went for a short walk into the Square and out … Continue reading

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