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Letting in the light

When the Cook Strait kowhai blooms and the snow-line creeps closer On frosty  mornings

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In the hills of Cheviot

North Canterbury Farm Forestry Association visited a couple of farms near Cheviot last Thursday. The first is a small–holding north of Cheviot that was enthusiastically planted and landscaped around 20 years ago, with ponds ornamental trees and walnuts. The property … Continue reading

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Southern Lights

While I was cobbling together my last post, oblivious to events in the real world, Christian aka ‘The BFG’ was out on the Port Hills near Gebbies Pass taking ‘not very good’ photographs of the Aurora australis.  In response to that last post of mine he sent one of his worst photos.  I am of […]

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Of St Aidan, ANZAC and Serbia

Another year and another commemoration of the sacrifices of WWI for ANZAC Day (25th April) is upon us. We’re so focused on the horrors of Gallipolli, victories of Palestine and madness of France and Belgium that we forget (actually I … Continue reading

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Best office day I’ll have this year!

If working on a computer means you’re in the office then for the 27th February I must have had one of the best office spaces going anywhere. Being a Monday it started with that long dawn haul south Up in … Continue reading

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Christchurch Revisited II

The latest Hanmer, Kaikoura, Seddon, Wellington quakes have shifted focus off Christchurch but it is still far from business as usual. Back near the shortest day (late June) I had another day wandering the streets of Christchurch, essentially a year … Continue reading

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The Barker Icerink

As I journey back and forth on the road up the Rangitata to monitor river birds, just below Ben McLeod Station and over a mile away across the river there’s a stand of Lombardy Poplars that gets pointed out as … Continue reading

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I hate Mondays or Too Much Rock and Roll

No doubt you all know that our peace was once again shattered by Ruaumoko stirring in his sleep just after midnight on Monday morning 14th Nov. (nearly 15 days ago). It was that rock and roll of someone shaking you … Continue reading

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Recovery: Saving the “Rat” That Isn’t — Cool Green Science

At first glance this post on the Nature Conservancy’s blog ‘Cool Green Science’ appears to be about a hut building rodent in Florida but really it’s about CATS.  In particular the impact of the new trend of trapping, neutering and … Continue reading

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What does a forested valley have in common with this

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