I am a member of  the New Zealand Farm Forestry Association; the New Zealand Tree Crops Association and the Canterbury Botanical Society.  In this modern age of electronic communication many organisations are challenged to maintain membership and even when they have the members, getting the members to step up and participate in the running of the club is difficult.  Participation  lets the committee know their efforts are appreciated and field days are the venues for learning about the local things.  Books and websites can only get you so far, you’ll be lucky to find one that covers your local soil, climate, pests etc in combination with your particular situation.  A lot of members are happy just to get the journals, but Farm Forestry and Tree Crops field days are where you can find out about these things and meet people who have experienced what you are embarking upon or are about to make the mistakes you’ve already made.  They’re an opportunity to discuss your problems, get answers, be a mentor and peek into someone else’s personal hell.  If you can’t manage a textbook, picture perfect version of managing your property you’ll be pleased to find you’re not alone.  Heck, trees seldom grow how they’re supposed to and not many people have the time to do a perfect job, especially with fruit trees.

As for the Canterbury Botanical Society, some of the members are amateur botanists and quite a few are professional.  This and the other Botanical Societies around the country provide an easy day out, often on a property you would never have found out about let alone visited on your own.  A chance to learn the field characters of different plants which is often quite different from the text book characters.

Hopefully my posts will encourage you to join us for a great day out in the future, and if you’re not in Canterbury, there’s a local branch and if you’re not in NZ there is probably something similar in your country, enjoy.  Non-members  are welcome to attend field days and visitors from further afield are doubly welcome.

Farm Forestry

Conway Field Day Pics

DSCN0588DSCN0591 DSCN0599

North Canterbury field days are usually on the 3rd Thursday of the month. With a national conference in autumn.  Next Field Day

  1. Field Day 27th April 2017
  2. Field Day 25th March 2015
  3. Field Day 23rd September 2014 (Pt 1)
  4. Field Day 23rd September 2014 (Pt 2)

Tree Crops

Plump, juicy Bing cherries

Plump, juicy Bing cherries

Field Days are occasional with a national conference in Autumn

Click this link for the next Field Day

Field Days February 14th and March   2015

Field Day at Hestebu September 2014

Canterbury Botanical Society (BotSoc)


Canterbury Botanical Society have a guest speaker on the first Friday of the Month 7.30pm at the Upper Riccarton Library and a field day a week later on the Saturday.

Upcoming events

Field Days

 Saturday 13th December 2014

Saturday 18th October 2014

Kaitorete Spit 11th October 2014


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