Sometimes the air tastes of campfire and

Sometimes there’s a haze way out in the west

Sometimes the sun is cloaked in red

As Australia burns

There’s a tragedy unfolding 1200 miles to the north west as forest fires engulf large swathes of eastern Australia from Queensland to Victoria.  In big events like the infamous Ash Wednesday Fires, NZ has a few days of haze and fiery sunset/sunrise and it’s all over.  This is the first time I can remember it going on for over a month and it looks set to continue for weeks more.

This feed from 6 Dec demonstrates the nature of the problem, gum trees burn like napalm, and the fires cover vast areas (NSW map at the bottom of the article).

I thought this breakdown of how Australian bushfires start was interesting.  It’s probably similar in other western countries.

pie chart copied from above source


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