a walk in the park

Cautionary note to readers – this post is not compatible with mealtimes

A few weeks ago I’d taken my mother to Christchurch Hospital for an appointment.  I’d no sooner got her settled back in the rest home when I got word that a friend was in hospital so I tootled back to the inner city and parked in the middle of Hagley Park.


Hagley Park, Botanical Gardens carpark

The hospital is over there!


Botanical Gardens carpark, Hagley Park, Christchurch

From here it was a pleasant 10 minute stroll through the Botanical Gardens nestled in their intestinal loop of the Avon


Christchurch Botanical Gardens are cradled in a loop of the Avon

with late autumn displays and a brilliant blue sky

RIMG6644 (2)

Swamp Cypress, Taxodium distichum

The air was redolent with the pungent odour of a Cook Strait ferry


Power gives way to sail – “Yeah Right!” Cook Strait ferry brushing aside yachts in entrance to Wellington Harbour (Whanganui a Tara)

after a sailing where the stewards were busy gathering up used paper bags.

It took a while to work out that it was all natural, nothing more than the bountiful leavings of the maiden hair trees, Ginkgo biloba.

The fruit (bottom right) are pretty golden globes, not what you expect from something related to pine trees, but each fallen


ginkgo fruit smells like a cup of warm sick

Elsewhere winter was in place but the gardens are full of trees with winter virtues.


Nearing the hospital there is  a group of paper-bark maple holding up the sky


Acer griseum, paper-bark maple

and warm toned, many textured bark

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