Letting in the light

When the Cook Strait kowhai blooms

and the snow-line creeps closer

Puketeraki Range from Loburn

On frosty  mornings

The early morning sun is appreciated both inside and out

frosty filly

But just as the cypress trees provided fast shelter from the ‘Beasterly’ (bitter easterly) for home and garden,

Delphiniums need good shelter

they’re getting to0 successful.  For some years I’ve been clearing paths up trunks

to open windows of winter warmth onto the house

but enough, this tree had to go

before we get…

Snow on NZ flax and Mexican cypress at Loburn

Much easier to trim the lower branches while the tree is standing.  If I’d been thinking I would have done this, and then some, last spring. That would have encouraged the tree to make more heart wood.

tie back the pin oak sapling

make some sadly unprofessional cuts

and wedge the buggar over, 6″ closer to the pin oak than planned but better that way than the other.

A nice band of hinge wood to control the fall


My horizontal cuts were a bit off, but it went where I wanted without any excitement so I’m happy, given it’s been a couple of years without needing to do any directional felling.  Not that I’ll be trying anything like these guys below anytime soon, but next time I might just have to get a copy of Jack Bowers, mountain music ‘Rendezvous’ to drown out the chainsaw.

If you open this in youtube, you’ll find there’s a heap of felling fails available too, good reminders that any fool can use a chainsaw but not getting hurt or screwing up big-time, that’s an Art!

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