Southern Lights

While I was cobbling together my last post, oblivious to events in the real world, a friend who likes his privacy so I’ll just call him ‘The BFG’, was out on the Port Hills near Gebbies Pass taking ‘not very good’ photographs of the Aurora australis.  In response to that last post of mine he sent one of his worst photos.  I am of course green with envy and have had a reminder to trust my instinct, as I had noticed a ruby tinge in the night sky, but with Christchurch to our south had put it down to light pollution.

Aurora australis from the Summit Road, Port Hills, Christchurch, 23 April 2017. Photo courteousy of the BFG.

I understand the next peak in aurora activity is expected to be 26 days after this one (19th May) when the hole in the sun points toward earth again.  This applies to the northern hemisphere too, where the solar storm that produced this display reportedly put on a good show as far south as New York.

You can find out more and check aurora forecasts here

If you want to catch one for yourself you can subscribe to aurora alerts here

The real trick is to spend more time outside in the evenings with a good view toward your polar horizon.


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