The Barker Icerink


The Lombardy poplars around ‘The Icerink’ in the Upper Rangitata as seen from the Rawtor bridge

As I journey back and forth on the road up the Rangitata to monitor river birds, just below Ben McLeod Station and over a mile away across the river there’s a stand of Lombardy Poplars that gets pointed out as ‘The Icerink” occasionally there’s a glimmer of white buildings with dark openings.  It’s pointed out as a place to hear bittern in the swamp and as yet I haven’t had cause or opportunity to visit.  My colleagues under-rate the interest and extent of the icerinks and buildings if this article posted recently in the archaeological blog, ‘Christchurch uncovered’  is anything to go by.


Crossing a braid of the Upper Rangitata River a few miles up from The Icerink

A word of caution though, should anyone be inspired to visit by fording the river from Turn Again Point, the Rangitata River is often cloudy and is sufficiently powerful that without local knowledge and river experience probably shouldn’t be attempted except at low flows (less than 70cumecs at the Klondyke Guage) and not after recent rain in the headwaters.  Rainfall (Mistake Flat) and riverflows can be checked on the ECAN website

A man & his dream — Christchurch uncovered

Today I’m going to tell you about what is possibly my all-time favourite archaeological site (there is another contender, but it doesn’t have any connection to Christchurch or Canterbury so is unlikely to feature here). I reckon this site has … Continue reading →

via A man & his dream — Christchurch uncovered

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