Crazy Christmas time again

It’s been a while since my last post and the Christmas break is giving me a chance to at least acknowledge that. I’ve been working away from home, sleeping in a horse-float and cut-off from internet things during the week, with too many chores and too knackered on the weekends to keep up to date.  However I have been having a ball and taking a heap of photos of the work and mountain environment I’ve been in so I intend to catch up in due course.

The landlord (where the horse-float is parked) has an earth oven and is building a straw-bale house so I have some comforts.


frosty morning

Much as I don’t like 5am Monday starts, the drive south in dawn light is quite something.


Rakaia Valley and Mt Hutt from WindWhistle

And the Upper-Rangitata on a nice day is spectacular


Upper Rangitata on a nice day: Two Thumb Range in the background

Mostly though it’s been blowing a gale


Sandstorm on the Upper Rangitata riverbed

And when the weather changes….


Snow shower on the Potts River fan

Whatever the weather most days result in wet shorts


And being attacked by upset parents


black-fronted tern (tarapiroe) defending its nest

For now it’s the Christmas / New Year Break: a few days at home catching up on stuff, over to the West Coast to visit my parents who have been compelled to move into residential care, can’t say they’re happy about it, but still a sense of humour, although the humour is a bit dark!


Can’t take away the sense of humour “monkey in a cage!”

Being away from home every week since mid-September I haven’t had much energy for chores around home, even though it is the busy time.  Kirsty insisted we get nets over some of the cherries so the crop is not a total flop.

The weather has been glorious for Christmas, 30C in the Lewis Pass coming home on Sunday. We had to stop on the clearings opposite the Nina Valley just to roll in the grass and sniff the daisies.


Nina Valley


Mountain daisy, Celmisia gracilenta

Wonder of wonders, the hay got baled yesterday without getting rained on but with the dry spring the yield is down, only 200 bales, but it’s the best quality yet and great to have it out of the way.RIMG1300

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2 Responses to Crazy Christmas time again

  1. johnmacmot says:

    Good pictures, G. Lots of life in its varied facets going on for you. The dry is hitting up here too. I’ve got too many sheep – “good” lambing! Some actions to take there.


    • graemeu says:

      Thanks John,
      I have a rushed trip north in the morning, may call in if the shed is not rat infested. Want to do some shopping at Whitwells and K. will expect me to bring back a couple of kg of blueberries from Heaths.
      Well nothing wrong with a good lambing, and it looks like this tropical weather coming down for New Year might end the drought, doing the usual wash out all the happy holiday campers throughout the North Island. We might even get something out of it here, although I’ll be happy if we don’t get any rain until the cherries and apricots are done.


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