….and a dog, went to trim a filly

Yesterday, we were going to Sheffield to give a horse a manicure. Taking the backroad with the wipers flicking the rain away, down below, Oxford was disappearing in a wall of white, very, very weird to drive DOWN into snow. We had arrived in the zone where a warm wet tropical airflow met a polar blast.  Time for a coffee from Mrs Easy Peasy.


Big soft and wet outside, Mrs Easy Peasy’s on the main drag in Oxford

Coffee in hand on into the white, across the Waimak. to Waddinton for a date with a filly, across a paddock, in a barn.


“A (woman….”


ears upright (pricked) and toward you is good, bum toward you is bad.


“…and a dog…” smart dog


“…went to trim a filly”


Quick goes the knife girl, flick, flick, flick


Where have all the flowers gone?


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3 Responses to ….and a dog, went to trim a filly

  1. johnmacmot says:

    It’s definitely winter this year! El Nino showing up in southerley fronts whistling up?


    • graemeu says:

      Making up for last years eternal bog and barely a frost. Hope your pipes haven’t frozen down in that frosty basin, we at least get the benefit of being on a slight rise. As of last night that snow at Sheffield hadn’t melted but a little norwest today might make a difference.


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