Reminder: 100 years 100 horses, ANZAC Day services at Hawarden and Waikari

mounted rifles

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This Saturday, 25th April is the 100 year anniversary of the British invasion of the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey.  ANZACs, the newly formed Australia and New Zealand Army Corp, were a key part of the planned invasion that quickly turned into a disaster which I previously posted about here.

Farming districts had sent mounted infantry (not cavalry), the Mounted Rifles, and this year there is an event that commemorates the Mounted Rifles.  100 riders will hold a dawn service (6 am) at Hawarden and then proceed to Waikari for a full ANZAC service at 10.30 am.

below is part of the timetable and you can check out the web-page here.

5.30 – 6am: Horses assemble in 4 x units and walk out in formation in front of the Memorial at The Peaks Hall for the 6am service.

6am: Full mounted 30 min Dawn Service at The Peaks Hall, immediately followed by departure on ride.

6.30am: Ride commences from The Peaks, 670 The Peaks Road, through Hawarden to 30-32 Princes St Waikari.

10.30am: Full ANZAC service in Waikari

12.30pm: Event ends

More about Centenary Memorial events

More about Mounted Rifles from the NZ Mounted Rifles Association here

A short tribute video here a bit melodramatic for my taste but each to their own and the opening scenes are North Canterbury.

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