Upcoming Events March and April

Our computer died and it took a while to get a replacement sorted and catch up with the important things, so apologies that some of this is rather short notice.


Wilding Pines at Flock Hill on the Arthur’s Pass Highway


Wilding pines down wind from the shelter plantings at Lake Ida, in this case Ponderosa and Douglas fir.

First up is a North Canterbury Farm Forestry field day tomorrow (Thursday 26th) to look at and discuss the wilding pine problem in the eastern foothills of the South Island.  There’s a war going on and the days focus is “will it be won?”.  They’ll be looking at the local examples along the Arthur’s Pass Highway culminating with a discussion of what will/might happen after the Flock Hill fire. Meet at the rest area on the south side of the Ashley River at Rangiora for carpooling at 9.15am or at Lake Lyndon at 10.30.

Next up, Tree Crops have a field day this Sunday 29th March on the windswept gravel soils of Eyrewell.  Heritage fruit trees, saffron and Wiltshire sheep.  1pm at 2896 South Eyre Rd.


A spent Gastrodia spike in a Douglas fir plantation.

Canterbury Botanical Society are having a delayed meeting in April on account of Easter so the meeting is now on Monday 13th at the usual Upper Riccarton Library Venue 7.30pm.  The guest speaker is a University of Canterbury student who has been doing some very interesting work on the pollination of Gastrodia, potato/black orchids, in Canterbury.  Gastrodia are orchids that lack chlorophyll having a 3 way symbiotic relationship between the orchid, a mychorrizal fungus and the roots of a host tree.

Then on Saturday 18th April the field day will be at Mt Torlesse Station, beech forest and tussock wetlands by the sounds of it but more detail when I get the newsletter.

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