Canterbury Tree Crops, field day February 14th

Lots of things to choose from next weekend (14th/15th Feb.), in addition to the memorial  service at Birch Hill for the horses that went off to the Great War in 1914, and the BotSoc Field Day at Lake Forsyth, Banks Peninsula.  A little bit further past Lake Forsyth toward Akaroa, Tree Crops are going to a Permaculture property near Little River. They have the whole shebang of growing: nuts, native and exotic forest, fruit orchard and a full on vege garden, something for everyone.

Hikuika Farm, 9 Harman’s Track starting at 10 a.m. on Saturday 14th Feb.

Here’s a bit off Hikuika Farm’s website

“Our seven hectare permaculture farm began 16 years ago with lots of challenges, such as gullies of weeds, long rank grass, overgrazed natives and pugged soils.  But it had obvious potential and with a vision, planning and much hard graft we have got it to where it is now with a energy efficient healthy home, extensive organic productive gardens and a two hectare commercial crop of organically grown hazelnuts. 

Permaculture is our design & management system, where the property has been developed with careful understanding of natural processes that enable it to become almost self-sustaining without any synthetic inputs.   Though not certified we only use organic growing principles.   We embrace ’care of the earth, care of the people, distribute surplus and reduce consumption’. …..”

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