I missed doing a Christmas post, too busy getting organised to be with family, and I left my camera on the table. So no photos from the trip over the mountains, up the coast past the Pancake Rocks, paddling on the empty Granity beach, driving up the Buller and back through the Lewis Pass in the middle of the night.  No goose, turkey (or colonial goose), plum pudding, brandy or buckets of wine.

Still, here is my little concession to the decadence of the festive season…

What do the following have in common?


A wire dish rack and spring pegs


World famous (in NZ) dark chocolate (Fairtrade)


warm water

Break the chocolate into a small bowl and float this bowl in the bowl of water until the chocolate has melted.  Patience is required it mustn’t get much warmer than blood temperature or it will taste burnt.

Go pick some fat, juicy,tree ripened, heart shaped Bing cherries and ……

Bing cherry in chocolate DSCN0943


Really, really, really important: The smallest drop of water in the chocolate will make it go stringy, lumpy, weird. So Do Not chill the cherries first, condensation is a no no.


Where ever you are I hope the New Year is better than the last.


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