Canterbury Botanical Society Field Trip Saturday December 13th


Teucridium parvifolium in a garden


Teucridium parvifolium closeup, follow the link in the text for better photos

I’ve been a bit slow on this one but this Saturday the plan is to visit a couple of privately protected areas in the Glentunnel – Whitecliffs area.  One site is a red tussock wetland and nearby a grey scrub community with the rare shrub Teucridium parvifolium. It wasn’t so long ago that Teucridium was in the Verbena family but someone has decided to move it to Lamiaceae which includes many of the aromatic and medicinal herbs e.g. mint, thyme and lavender.  In 30 years I’ve only seen it once in the wild, and that plant was a munted little topiary on a limestone cliff chewed down by feral goats.

When it’s not in flower it is easily overlooked being very similar to many of the other divaricating shrubs but can be separated from Coprosma by having square stems and from the square stemmed twig daisies (Olearia) by not being white on the backs of the leaves.

It’ll be a full day with sturdy footwear and some fitness required.

Anyway if you’re interested in joining us the carpool will be leaving from Yaldhurst Hotel at 9am and regrouping at the Glentunnel Hall at 9.45am.  Contact Miles on 03 313 5315 if you want to come along.

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