Yellow and gold through the Lewis, Murchison and Tapawera and back again

Away to the north in a small plantation forest there is  an unfinished and untended shed – cabin.  I finally managed to get away to it for a few days.  It wasn’t fun but the travel was OK and a number of yellow flowered plants were in full spring bloom.

Exiting Balmoral Forest on the Amuri Plain

Exiting Balmoral Forest on the Amuri Plain

For breaks from the stink of rat pee and the rattle of rat pellets I did a little tidy up outside too.  Here I found a grey warbler nest hanging in a gorse bush, and a couple of native herbs have moved onto the once bare earth.


Gonocarpus micranthus


Nest of the riroriro, grey warbler


No idea who he is, not even sure if it’s a weevil or a long-horn beetle


Whatever he is, he’s cute

In the clean up I eventually found where the rats had wriggled in.DSCN2189

The return wasn’t as scenic with showers coming out of the west over the mountains but it had it’s moments, I stopped in at Key Stone, a once upon a time freedom camping area by the Buller River, long since abandoned by The Department of Conservation and Tasman District Council.  Now it’s a mess but no one has messed with the keystone.






























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