Canterbury Botanical Society Events Update

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the November events however a reminder and a little more information for some of it.

This Friday, 7th of November, kicks off early at 7pm at the Riccarton Library to present Dr. Brian Molloy with the Allan Mere Award.  This will be followed by a presentation from John Barkla (Dept. of Conservation, botanist) on the special plants and places of Otago.

Saturday 8th November, the field day will visit 2 dryland kanuka remnants in the Eyrewell area.  Carpooling from the Belfast Tavern at 10.00am.  Then on to 485 Downs Rd (off South Eyre Road).  After lunch, they will be moving on to 237 Pester’s Rd.

Show Weekend Camp, November 13 – 16, will go to Orari Gorge, Geraldine.  Visits to Orari Gorge Station, Talbot forest and a new coucil reserve.  Phone Alice on 03 337 1256, for more information.

Summer Camp, January 9 – 15, 2015 this year is based at Tapawera, as a central place to explore the west Nelson area with possibilities ranging from the Wangapeka, Mt Arthur, Richmond Ranges and Takaka Hill.  Also there will be a number of covenants to visit.  Ph. Trevor on 03 319 8850 for more information.

Mt Arthur from Tapawera

Mt Arthur from Tapawera


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  1. estateunrato says:

    wow nice scenery 🙂


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