Canterbury Botanical Society upcoming events

This Saturday Oct 11th, we are off to Kaitorete Spit, between the ocean and the lake.  We’ll be going to the Scientific Reserve, actually I’m not sure where that is but it doesn’t matter.  Unless it’s a howling southerly straight off Antarctica it should be fun.

Meet at Halwsell Bowling Club at 8.30am for carpooling or out at Birdlings Flat outside No. 5 Hill View Road at 9.00am.

How it went.

For more detailed info, check out the website

Saturday Oct 18th

Dryland - Raoulia monroi

Dryland shrub daisy – Raoulia monroi

We also have an unexpected extra this month with the Army having given us permission to enter an area at West Melton.  This will be a chance to explore dryland vegetation that hasn’t been ploughed, oversown or fertilised.  Miles will be keen to get a robust species list together.  A great opportunity to hone up on those tiny herbs and rare shrubs that are mostly restricted to roadsides these days.  A hand lens or magnifying glass will help to get the most from the day.

Meet at Yaldhurst Tavern at 9.30

How it went.

Our next monthly meeting on Friday 7th November at the Upper Riccarton Library will kick off early at 7pm as we are joined by the NZ Botanical Society to present local stalwart and botanical guru Dr. Brian Molloy with the Allan Mere Award.  This will be followed by a presentation from John Barkla about the special plants and plant communities of Otago.

Finally on Saturday 8th November, Miles will be leading a trip into a dryland plains kanuka remnant.


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