The last day of September

I’ve been following Gerry for a while now and find he has a nack for getting to the bones of things and this post about human induced climate change gets to the nub of the matter. I only disagree with one aspect he suggests that we are approaching a tipping point but as I understand it we’ve passed the tipping point. If we could reduce carbon emissions to the levels recommended this instant, today, the earth would continue to warm for at least another 50 years and not get back to todays level until around 100yrs after that. Anyway global warming is everyone’s concern so please take the time to read Gerry’s post and spare a thought for the people of Tuvalu and Kiribati who are already wading around their houses when the moon is full. What are we going to do about them?

That's How The Light Gets In

September 2014 2

September 2014 in Sefton Park

Today, the last day of September, I picked two pounds of strawberries on our allotment. Plus many more of the courgettes and tomatoes that have advanced in battalions in recent weeks.  A couple more figs are ripening, and there’s a second flush of blackberries on the bramble patch at the rough end.  This has been the warmest, driest September I can remember. Here in Liverpool we’ve had scarcely a drop of rain since the end of August.  It’s still t-shirt weather.


September harvest

After a bit of digging I took the dog for a walk from Dingle Vale, through Festival Gardens where the lake in front of the Chinese pagoda is almost as dry as a bone, and down to the great river. Looking out over the water as the tide ran fast and deep, under a sky of blue, and with a balmy breeze on my face, I…

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